Patch notes for pages 1-25

  • Improved faces and hair.
  • Tightened up the screen-tone graphics.
  • Increased resolution.
  • General anatomy/proportion improvements. (where possible)
  • An issue where Erin negs Mina has been fixed, she now compliments her instead! :3

No new page this week, but I updated some old pages!

The more it became clear to me that I would be working on AHS for a very long time to come, the more I disliked the earlier pages for various reasons. I knew completely redrawing them was out of the question due to issues with my wrist and how long it would take. So I settled on slight tweaks here and there, without compromising the update schedule. I’ve actually come to rely on that Patreon income a bit, it’s not my full-time job yet, but it’s getting there.

I’ve been working on the remake on and off for a few months, but I had to stop at page 25 for now, because the wrist pain was getting worse again, and I don’t want to go back to the time where I couldn’t update the comic for months because of it. I’m definitely getting more done than I could before though, not sure what I owe the improvement to, but the Yiynova definitely helped.

One of the more extensive changes.

One of the more extensive changes.

Oh and if your browser still has the old images cached you might have to refresh the pages manually.


Page 137


Here’s my annual Patreon reminder.
If you like this comic and you have some disposable income you can throw some money at me, so I can draw more.

I don’t really produce extra content for patreon atm because my drawing time is pretty limited and it would take away from the comic. I’m also not a huge fan of putting stuff behind a paywall, but if my situation allowed for it I’d throw some sketches up there for sure.

Honestly Patreon is doing better than I thought it would, it’s not enough to make the comic my full-time job, but it’s getting there. That’s actually blowing my mind a bit. I hope that I’ll one day be able to use part of that money to hire another artist to work on this comic with me.