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Hi! A few things first: If you want, you can navigate the comic with the arrow keys on your keyboard. You can sign up to get emails whenever I update the site with new comic or blog pages. I started this comic 4 years ago and since then I have grown artistically and as a […]

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A few nights ago I dreamt of thinking about my comic, which is weird in itself, but even weirder are the ideas my dream-self was having about the comic. I’m often worried about the pace of the comic (Especially at the glacial pace I’m updating), in my dream I solved that issue. “Why not tell […]

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This page was done with the Paint Shop Pro X4 trial, a step in the right direction from the horrible thing that was X3, I guess. Still I’d rather have X back, because for some reason they decided to change the zooming behavior in X4 and now it takes me twice as long to do […]