A sign of life.


I drew this in the hospital while it was still quite a bit warmer outside…

Anyway, here’s a bit of an update for people who want to know.

This has been the worst year of my life, which had previously been the year before, and so on. Things just aren’t ever getting better for me, but I guess that’s entropy for you. I didn’t wanna talk about it, but what the hell.

I was in a mental hospital because I had given up on life.

I have these injuries that won’t heal, drawing was the only thing in my life that I had left, but I can’t even do that without pain now. My father died earlier in the year and that has affected me more than I thought it would. So I spiraled deeper into depression and eventually ended up in the mental hospital, where I stayed for a month.

… A few days after I got home and I was feeling ever so slightly better… there was a fire.

My neighbor who lived below me is dead and I lost most of my stuff due to smoke contamination. Did you know this toxic soot that comes from house-fires is electrically conductive? So my computer and other electric appliances are also gone now. The only thing I didn’t need to throw out was a desk and some other stuff…

I had a phone-call with the insurance provider for the person who caused the fire and it was the most miserable phone conversation I ever had. I can already tell they will make things as hard as possible for me, even though I just want some money, so I can buy a new bed, a washing machine, a few computer parts and some clothes. Even if I don’t get the money I would be entitled to, I just want to have at least some stuff in my apartment…

So yeah… That’s the situation so far.