Swimsuit Babes


Trying to get back into drawing by doodling some girls in my favorite kind of clothing… Just to warm up so I don’t potato too hard when I get back to drawing actual comic pages.
In terms of my health situation: My right shoulder is definitely getting better, but I also hurt my left shoulder recently and that seems to be an even more serious injury. While I don’t draw with my left hand, the pain is very distracting.

As for the Patreon situation… If you don’t know, they just announced a new payment model that would increase the cost per pledge, because of additional transaction fees. It seemed like a cash grab at first, but now I believe they tried to combat the content theft issues without thinking it through.
If they go through with this change, I wont be able to run a per-comic Patreon anymore and would have to switch to a monthly campaign.

But honestly, I don’t think they’ll implement this after the backlash, so don’t go around removing or changing pledges just yet. The official date for the change is supposed to be December 18th, we’ll see what happens then.

I don’t want to rag on Patreon too much though, because honestly, this is the only positive thing in my life that I have going for me right now. So losing pledges due to this, while understandable, is super disheartening.