IFF – Page 1


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake.

Idly Falling Feathers

A curious student in a magical academy is skipping classes one foggy morning to take a peek at the aviary and it’s peculiar inhabitants.
Original story by Frost and Little Napoleon.

Hey everyone, it’s been a while!

You might be thinking this is what I’ve been working on in that time. Sadly that isn’t the case, I wish I had been working on at least something, but even the thought of drawing is giving me a wrist ache right now.
Actually I drew this page about three or four months ago and at the time I actually managed to draw one of these and one AHS page in a week no problem, now I struggle just finishing one a month. It really sucks when drawing is no longer fun because of the constant pain… ;_;

So, what is this all about anyway?
This is a short story I’m working on, mostly for my personal enjoyment. It’s also the first time I’m attempting a color comic, so it’s good practice. ( Not sure if I am ever going to do AHS in color though, I kinda like the manga screentone look. It would also add another day to the process. )

I wasn’t sure if I should post this at first, but I feel like I owe it to you guys, so I’m posting a few of these while I’m hoping my wrist recuperates somehow. I appreciate all of your comments and donations, even if I don’t respond to all of your messages I read them all. ♥

PS: I promise I will go to a real doctor about the wrist thing soon and this time I won’t be satisfied with them just yanking on my thumb and telling me I’m alright…

PPS: Huh, I guess all female protagonists I come up with look like Mina in some way.