IFF – Page 1


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake. Idly Falling Feathers A curious student in a magical academy is skipping classes one foggy morning to take a peek at the aviary and it’s peculiar inhabitants. Original story by Frost and Little Napoleon. Hey everyone, it’s been a while! You […]

IFF – Page 5


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake. Aaaaahhh!! Unholy magics are afoot! This gryphon is possessed! This bird is FOUL! And so the story of Lisa the sad gryphon continues.   In other news: I’ve seen a doctor about my wrist today and he confirmed that it is […]

Yuri Christmas!


Happy Holidays, etc. So here’s my Christmas gift for you! I actually spent so much time for this, I didn’t get presents for anyone else. Friends and family? – Sorry, I got nothing, but maybe you’d like some yuri? Obviously this is not quite canon. Mina is unsure if this really is what you’re supposed […]



First of all: If you like my stuff please check this out and let me know what you think. 2014 is the year AHS gets real, or it ostensibly will be, if the rest of the year isn’t as shitty as this month was for me. Apart from all that stuff I talked about in […]

Professor Awesome


So… here’s my Patreon page. Take a look! If you want to support the creator of a comic you like in a more direct way, while also getting a few small things in return, you can do that now. The banner there is a bit of a placeholder, I’ve actually been working on one with […]

AHS Banner 2


Umm… So, I started working on this picture when I created my Patreon page a few months ago, to serve as the banner for it… and I finally managed to finish it… I only worked on it here and there, but I definitely did get carried away with it a bit, adding a more complex […]

IFF – Page 10


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake. This Chris guy is not the brightest. I drew this page while having a hole in my leg, hooray! For everyone pledging toward my AHS Patreon, I decided not to include these IFF pages in there, because some people might not […]

IFF – Page 12


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake. I wanted to scale back on the details / coloring for IFF in order to produce pages faster, and I only lasted two pages… On page 10 I didn’t use inked line-art and instead just refined the sketch until it looked […]

Idly Falling Feathers


So, I’ve been neglecting IFF a bit, and that’s why I thought I’d do something special. Ironically enough, now I feel like I’ve neglected AHS… oh noooo! 🙁 I guess that’s the problem with juggling multiple comics, I always feel like I’m neglecting one or the other. People suggested I separate the two comics a […]

Oh Noooo!


Here’s a comic about the dangers of kissing a gryphon. Just don’t do it kids. It’s best to leave this kind of stuff to trained professionals. At first I simply wanted to make an IFF version of this image. What can I say, I tend to get carried away. “Okay, I have to add a […]



This is probably the last IFF image I’ll ever do. I mentioned before that I wasn’t doing well health wise, and while I had a lot of problems before, it’s never been this bad. That’s why I decided to focus on my main comic. So, this image is a bit of a ‘what would have […]

Swimsuit Babes


Trying to get back into drawing by doodling some girls in my favorite kind of clothing… Just to warm up so I don’t potato too hard when I get back to drawing actual comic pages. In terms of my health situation: My right shoulder is definitely getting better, but I also hurt my left shoulder […]

A sign of life.


I drew this in the hospital while it was still quite a bit warmer outside… Anyway, here’s a bit of an update for people who want to know. This has been the worst year of my life, which had previously been the year before, and so on. Things just aren’t ever getting better for me, […]

The Cursed Boobtube


Just random sketches to help me get back into drawing. I’ve gotten quite rusty over time. As for what you probably want to hear about: I’m still not doing very well. Still feeling pretty hopeless about my life situation, but I don’t wanna be too much of a downer all the time, so I’ll talk […]

The Cursed Boobtube 2


Mina struggling with the results of wearing a cursed article of clothing, or something like that. Just some more silly sketches to help me get back into drawing. Some observations: I really like the look of my colored drawings, but I don’t like how long they take me. I also don’t like how, after such […]