Oh Noooo!


Here’s a comic about the dangers of kissing a gryphon.
Just don’t do it kids. It’s best to leave this kind of stuff to trained professionals.

At first I simply wanted to make an IFF version of this image.

What can I say, I tend to get carried away.
“Okay, I have to add a couch or something so they wouldn’t just float in space. Eh, might as well add a background too… Wait a minute, how would they even kiss?”

So I made this…

I wanted to have this done by new year’s eve, but you can see how that turned out.
Getting sick certainly didn’t help matters either.
And as much as I like this coloring style, it takes me way too long to do. I also run into the 4gb memory limit of my small system more often lately.

I definitely have to figure out a more efficient way of doing things if I want to finish these comics within my lifetime.