Idly Falling Feathers


So, I’ve been neglecting IFF a bit, and that’s why I thought I’d do something special.
Ironically enough, now I feel like I’ve neglected AHS… oh noooo! 🙁

I guess that’s the problem with juggling multiple comics, I always feel like I’m neglecting one or the other.

People suggested I separate the two comics a bit more.
So, I mainly made this to use as a banner for the site.

It turned out to be the most time consuming and complex image I’ve done to date.
It really pushed my poor, small, underpowered tablet-pc and Manga Studio to it’s limits.

I’ve made this over the course of two weeks, and when I was almost done it was about 6000×6000 pixels large and had ~25 layers. My ram usage was 100% at that point.
Manga Studio still managed everything fine however, it happily used virtual ram on the hard-drive and didn’t crash once!

I did get scared a few times. When I still used Paint Tool SAI, I often ran into memory problems and I even lost a bit of progress on two IFF pages because of that. That’s why I always got a bit of a panic attack when Manga Studio became unresponsive for a while whenever I tried to save the image, but nothing bad ever happened.

Click here for some wallpaper sized versions of this image!

Now excuse me while I’m going to lie down for a while.