IFF – Page 12


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake.

I wanted to scale back on the details / coloring for IFF in order to produce pages faster, and I only lasted two pages…

On page 10 I didn’t use inked line-art and instead just refined the sketch until it looked acceptable, also I used a faster way of coloring. The next page I scrapped the faster coloring for the most part, and on this page I’m already back to line-art as well. Fuck!

Going back to more inefficient ways of doing stuff definitely is a problem if I ever want to update this comic more quickly and if I ever want to do AHS in color. At least I’m managing to keep the promise of one IFF per month for now.
I really want to color AHS, but I don’t want it to take even longer to make new pages. That’s why I thought using a refined sketch instead of inking could be a good compromise.

So tell me your thoughts on details vs update schedule. The process I used here probably added a day or two to the making of this page. I’m thinking about trying a limited color palette on the next page plus a sketchier look.

(Funny how I spend so much time on these pages and I always forget to draw the netting of the aviary in most panels.)

Anyway, I’m a big idiot.