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2014 is the year AHS gets real, or it ostensibly will be, if the rest of the year isn’t as shitty as this month was for me.

Apart from all that stuff I talked about in the last update, my computer is now giving me trouble too…
That computer is roughly six years old, so I just decided to build a new one, while salvaging what I can from the old one.

The parts are currently in transit. Hopefully they won’t take too long to arrive and I’ll be able to have a stable system again.

Now, what’s this all about?
Because of aforementioned troubles… Have some filler: Comic idea #3! (Out of 7)

That robot seems familiar…

Imagine you’re just minding your own business and suddenly you’re a robot, also it’s 200 years in the future?

Back alley garage-sales of the future can be quite interesting. PA managed to acquire a cryogenically frozen brain and got right to work, trying to give whoever it belonged to a new life.

It turned out this brain wasn’t in good shape and the only way to get something out of it was to use Professor Awesome’s Patented Brain-shredder 5000, which liquefies the whole thing and uses the information it gathers to write an AI.

This AI was then uploaded to a robot-body of PA’s own design.
After she turned the robot on for the first time, PA found that this person wasn’t actually all that happy about this new life she had given her.

“It’s all wrong, everything is wrong!”
She still had her memories, memories of being human and what it was supposed to feel like.
Not only was her body completely alien to her, so were her own thoughts, she was an AI now after all.

While that has it’s advantages, being able to calculate big numbers like (1308195732 * 53934) in a split second, to her it’s a painful reminder that she’s no longer human.

There are tons of variables and settings you can tweak and modify with an AI, which is what PA is doing right now, trying to make her feel better.

Psychotherapy for robots.

Basically, a futuristic setting without a lot of the space faring or aliens, but people that modify their bodies in extreme ways. Like PA, a lizard-person and a bit of a mad scientist type, clearly not afraid to experiment on her own body.

I feel like this setting could make for some interesting stories.
Who knows, maybe after IFF.