Professor Awesome

So… here’s my Patreon page. Take a look!

If you want to support the creator of a comic you like in a more direct way, while also getting a few small things in return, you can do that now.

The banner there is a bit of a placeholder, I’ve actually been working on one with possible hints to future developments, but because of my computer troubles, I haven’t been able to work on it recently.
Which brings us to… More filler!

This character actually came to be when someone asked me to create a character based on a joke screen-name I use in a few places: Professor Awesome.

So I came up with her… and a story to go along with it.

PA is of the mad scientist variety, we all know them.
Formerly human, evidently not afraid to experiment on her own body, she resides in a small shop in one of the back alleys of a futuristic metropolis, offering her services to others who would like to modify their bodies in extreme ways.
Much to the chagrin of many government officials who would rather see people get only modifications that increase their efficiency at the workplace, like a math-unit and an encyclopedia in their brains, or synthetic muscles in their arms. That stuff is boring to her though, so is basic plastic surgery like bigger breasts, etc.
She’d probably kick you right out if you asked for something so mundane. But if you had an idea that would really challenge her, like being turned into a dinosaur or even a car? You might even get a discount!

As for the computer situation: All the parts arrived in one piece and I’ve put them together.

Here’s an ‘almost done’ shot:

Hardware wise, everything seemed to be working just fine, but on the software side…
It looks like an AMD gpu + Displaylink usb monitor + Manga Studio don’t mix. Using certain functions just crashes MS completely, not a good way to work.
A friend offered to swap my AMD card with his nvidia card to see if that will work any better.
I guess we’ll see about that tomorrow.