AHS Banner 2


Umm… So, I started working on this picture when I created my Patreon page a few months ago, to serve as the banner for it… and I finally managed to finish it…

I only worked on it here and there, but I definitely did get carried away with it a bit, adding a more complex background and two more characters than originally planned. Don’t read too much into this picture though, I made most of the stuff in it up on the spot. (Or do read whatever you want into it, it’s up to you!)

On the plus side: I guess I can now use it as a new banner for the website as well and as a wallpaper if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Also, I uploaded a high-res version of this image for my Patreon followers.

Quick Patreon explanation

  • You can be directly responsible for there being more AHS in this world. For the price of a cup of coffee you can become a patron of the arts!
  • You may pledge whatever amount you’re comfortable with paying per AHS update, by using either credit card or Paypal.
  • You’re able to specify monthly spending limits, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your bank when some comic suddenly updates a whole bunch.
  • You’re only charged when I actually update the comic. (This image right here doesn’t count toward that in my mind, only actual comic pages.)
  • Get small rewards like sketches, wallpapers etc. Possibly some NSFW content. (Still thinking a bit about rewards, but it’s mostly my wrist issues that prevent me from offering a lot of extras.)

So far I’ve been very surprised by the response.
I certainly didn’t expect that I might be hitting the livestream milestone goal so soon. I chose an arbitrary number for it that seemed so far away at the time.
Now I’m not sure what I’ll do once I hit it.
Because of my wrist issues, my drawing process currently works like this: Draw a bit -> take a break -> draw a bit -> take a break. Not very conducive to streaming.
I think I’ll do short doodle streams, where I work on simple random stuff.

And now for the obligatory wrist status update: It’s definitely improving a bit. Taking frequent breaks helps. I also became a lefty when it comes to using a computer mouse and I’m trying new food supplements.

Basically I’m trying to do everything I can to get better, aside from quitting drawing of course.