IFF – Page 10


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake.

This Chris guy is not the brightest.

I drew this page while having a hole in my leg, hooray!

For everyone pledging toward my AHS Patreon, I decided not to include these IFF pages in there, because some people might not want to support one or the other comic.

It seems like the best solution at this point is a second Patreon for all the side comics I plan on doing: http://www.patreon.com/pa
I sometimes feel the urge to change it up a bit. Especially if you consider that I will be working on AHS for many years to come.

So, I guess this secondary Patreon is for all those side comics!

If you’re considering backing that one, keep in mind that some of those side comics may contain some adult stuff, so be aware of that before pledging.
Also, I will only be doing one of these a month at best.