Let’s talk about Patreon!

So, Patreon is this relatively new crowdfunding website. Think Kickstarter, but for content creators instead of projects.
A perpetual Kickstarter, if you will. Or a more direct form of donating.
It works like this: You support content creators by pledging a small amount of money (0.50$, 1$, 3$, etc.) per content update. In this case that would be every time I update AHS, whatever that’s worth to you.

Patrons can specify monthly spending limits, in case they’re worried someone suddenly uploads millions of pages all at once. It’s all based on goodwill!

Patrons would then receive exclusive rewards for pledging, depending on their pledge level, in a facebook-like timeline.
That’s one thing I’m still thinking about… What should those incentives / rewards be? Sketches? Wallpapers? Ebooks? What do you think?

Keep in mind that the main reason I want to do this is to be able to focus more on making the comic. Creating elaborate rewards will take time away from comic making…
Also, I don’t want to put anything important behind a paywall, and if I do, I still want to release it to everyone eventually.
Another big reason I want to do this: To be free of advertising.
Right now I got some PW ads running. I like them since they are pretty unobtrusive, but they don’t really bring in any money.
Eventually I would have to put Google ads on my site, or join a collective.
The problem with that is that they have pretty strict content guidelines.

Basically I would have to censor myself in order to join such a collective. There are places I want to take AHS (and possibly other comics I want to make) that advertisers will not agree with. Like nudity, violence, etc.

Now, I could tone it down…
But if this Patreon stuff works out I could just go: “I’m not beholden to advertisers! I can do whatever the fuck I want!”
Then I won’t have to compromise my ‘*+*~Artistic~Vision~*+*’
Lastly, what about the other comics I make?

Since Patreon is about funding the content creator, not a specific project, creating multiple Patreon pages wouldn’t make much sense.
Should I charge for each comic page I produce, whatever comic it may be? Or should I just keep it limited to AHS?

So, what do you guys think? Would you use Patreon? Would you only want to pay for AHS, or any comic I produce?
What would you like to see in terms of reward tiers?

This is what my preliminary Patreon page looks like right now:

patreon wip

I don’t know guys… It might need more work.

Oh and just to be perfectly clear: AHS will remain free forever.
This is just a neat way to support the creator and get some small rewards for it!