IFF – Page 9


I’m no longer working on this comic, just keeping it here for posterity’s sake.

Chicken scratches!

So, it’s actually been a year since I started doing this comic.

I managed to make nine pages…
Well, maybe ten if you count the desktop, which I am pretty damn proud of!
But I wanted to finish at least one page each month, without neglecting AHS… So much for that!

The biggest problem was the whole carpal tunnel thing and some other rl issues.
My wrist has actually gotten better recently, thanks to some helpful advice from my readers!

Another problem: One of the reasons I am doing this comic is to experiment with coloring, and while I am getting better, I am also finding new ways to spend even more time on each page.

If I ever want to finish this within my lifetime I might have to learn to dial back on the details a bit.

And yes… This was the page I finally had to give the main character a name and I named her Mina. Because who am I kidding? She’s basically an alternate universe version of Mina.