Aw fuck owww!

The wrist pain still persisted, so I went to my doctor who didn’t even look at my hand and seemed to know exactly what to do.
He just grabbed my right thumb and pulled on it so hard as to almost rip it off,
“There, all better,” he proclaimed.
“Are you sure about that? Because I don’t-” “No no no, you’re FINE!”

It turns out I wasn’t fine, but just in case he didn’t magically fix me somehow, he referred me to a hand surgeon… which I haven’t been to yet.
I thought I’d just let my hand rest for a while and I almost felt ready to go back to drawing,
if it wasn’t for my goddamn cat.
I was just playing with him earlier when he got startled by a window slamming shut, that’s when he hacked me in the base of my thumb. Rarely did I see so much blood coming out of my body except in the hospital, might have something to do with the blood thinners I’m using.
Not five seconds after the cat mauled my hand he was back to happily licking his balls, while I was lying there in pain.

Anyway, I guess I’m taking a few more days off, sorry.