So, what Happened?

First off: I’ve moved the site over here (, so please to be updating your bookmarks and such.
I wanted to do this earlier, because the previous url didn’t fit the comic I was making, but my hospital visit kinda got in the way.

What happened was: Apparently my blood is a little thicker than normal, plus I developed the unhealthy habit of sitting on my legs. This caused thrombosis to form in my left leg, some of which got dislodged and wandered into my lungs, causing a pulmonary embolism.
When your body is telling you: “Oh my god, I’m going to die!”, it’s probably time to go to the fucking doctor!
I didn’t go though and tried to tough it out instead, because I had no insurance at the time.
I actually got over the embolism reasonably well, except for the pneumonia caused by the dead lung tissue, but the leg got worse and I had to go to the hospital at that point.

Not going into much more detail than that, I’m slowly recovering, the lung is going to be fine, but the leg is permanently damaged.

I can’t tell when I will resume with the comic, but it might take a month or two. Subscribe to the RSS feed (You can subscribe by email too now!) and you will be notified when I’m updating again.

One last thing: Take care of your bodies people, it doesn’t take a long flight or whatever to develop a thrombosis, sitting around for prolonged periods of time is something that can be done at home as well!