Compressing stuff!

Sometimes when I’m bored, I compress the shit out of my images.

This took my PC two whole days and the CPU got quite hot, (Which is making me consider getting a better cooler for it) but I managed to shave a few MB off!
The site should be a bit snappier now, especially the archive should load faster.

I’m actually still on a shared host, that’s why I’m often concerned about the load times.
One of these days I’m going to have to move to a virtual server at least.



Website update

The past few days I’ve been working on upgrading this site to the newest version of the excellent Webcomic plugin for WordPress.

I made only a few changes to the overall design, so it might hardly be noticeable, but the internal workings changed quite a bit and it was worth it just for that.
I always hear horror stories about users of other webcomic plugins that shall not be named *cough* comicpress *cough*, dreading to update their WordPress installations out of fear of horribly breaking everything. This is problematic because these WordPress updates often contain important security patches to fix vulnerabilities.

For years now I didn’t have a single issue when updating WordPress with this plugin, so I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make their own webcomic site.

I guess the bad news is that while I’ve been working on this, I didn’t have much time to work on a new comic page.
You’ll have to deal with a few more days of dreadful uncertainty.


Quick question!

Should I just put the latest comic on the front page?

I kinda like the way it is now, but it always takes one extra click to get to the actual comic and it seems like only half of the people arriving on the site are actually willing to do that?

It’s this way mostly to avoid spoiling new readers, nothing spoilerific going on right now mind you, but this story will take some twists and turns along the road.
Maybe I’m just a little too afraid of the whole spoiler business though, someone might be inclined to read more if they arrive at a particularly interesting time, wondering what lead up to these events?

Ah, I don’t know… Help me out here guys, what would you prefer?

Before I forget, if I do put the comic on the front-page, I’ll probably shrink the banner down too. Having to scroll a lot to read the comic also sucks after all.