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So, this is a first: Uploading an unfinished version of a page with the intention of finishing it later, but I feel this is better than nothing and I should let you guys know what’s up with me.

For the past two months I couldn’t do anything but put my feet up and rest my legs to try and let that wound heal. And it did finally heal, after almost a year of running around with a hole in my foot.

But that’s not my main issue. My main issue is still my wrist and my (in)ability to draw. You can chop my leg off for all I care, but if my arm doesn’t get better, then I don’t know what I’ll do. Over the course of working on AHS my pace steadily decreased, as I experienced more and more pain while drawing. I did get some helpful suggestions by readers, visited a bunch of doctors and therapists, but so far nothing I tried really helped. And now my neck is starting to give me trouble as well.

Part of it is my bad posture, sitting there hunched over that tablet/monitor thing I cobbled together using 200$ in parts. I feel like I’ve got to stop using it, but that means I won’t be able to draw until I get something that will be more ergonomic.
I’m currently looking at the MVP22U from Yiynova because I’ve heard positive things about it and it’s almost half the price of a Wacom Cintiq. Even at that price I won’t be able to afford it for a while though. It’s possible there will be no more updates until I scrounge up enough money for it.

Finally, I have to accept the fact that I’m just more fragile than your regular person. I’ve been pretty stubborn about it, looking at other webcomicers and seeing them produce multiple pages a week, thinking: “I should be able to do that too!” The fact is, I’m not and I may never be able to do that. At least on my own. That’s why I’m considering hiring someone to work with me on the comic, using part of the money I make with Patreon. It won’t be a fair wage at all but it’s all I can offer for now…

So, that’s the plan. I hope it works out because this comic is the only positive thing I have in my life.

Update: Annnnd I finished it, even though I shouldn’t have. I just couldn’t stand looking at an unfinished page.