Page 103


Hey there, this comic is in color now I guess… Hopefully my wrist will cooperate and it won’t impact the update schedule too much. If it doesn’t work out there’s still the possibility of my Patreon at some point making enough money to hire an artist to color it for me. We’ll see how it […]

Page 105


This page took a while and it’s not just because of that goddamn mirror… Maybe some of you remember a few months ago I posted about having a hole in my leg. Well, it still hasn’t healed. In fact, it has gotten worse. That, and some of the other medical issues I’m having are really […]

Page 106


So, this is a first: Uploading an unfinished version of a page with the intention of finishing it later, but I feel this is better than nothing and I should let you guys know what’s up with me. For the past two months I couldn’t do anything but put my feet up and rest my […]

Page 107


Here’s an update I guess. Avoiding color for now because it burns my wrist. Still considering using some of the Patreon money to have someone else help me out with it. Finally, I’m still not sure what tablet monitor I’m going to buy. There’s like 3 or 4 new models from various manufacturers coming out […]

Page 110


Welp, color sure was nice. I felt a great sense of accomplishment when I finished a colored page, but at the same time I also felt a great burning sensation in my arm, so I really can’t keep that up and expect to ever finish this comic. Although the pages are still pretty taxing like […]

Page 113


I don’t even know. By the way, it seems that Patreon had a bit of an issue this month and accidentally ignored people’s spending limits. Here’s how the spending limit works: Say you want to give me 20$ a month, but no more than that. You could pledge 10$ per page and then set your […]

Page 114


Mina didn’t get a good look but she could’ve sworn… Hey guys, thanks to you I just ordered this thing. Though it was a bit more expensive than that for me, since I’m European. :c What’s cool about this is that it’s 100% reader funded, the majority of it coming from a single donor even! […]

Page 115


This is the first page drawn on my new Yiynova 20u, which was 100% reader funded. The pressure curve is almost too good for someone like me, since having to press down hard at all makes my carpal tunnel flare up. 😐 Here it is next to my cute little computer. It’s more than twice […]

Page 116


Mina is interested. I’m really having to fight the urge to color the comic again, what with the new Yiynova being much more accurate in terms of color than what I used before. Then again, I really don’t want to go back to one page per month because my wrist hurts so much after each […]