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I don’t even know.

By the way, it seems that Patreon had a bit of an issue this month and accidentally ignored people’s spending limits.

Here’s how the spending limit works: Say you want to give me 20$ a month, but no more than that. You could pledge 10$ per page and then set your spending limit to 20$. Even if I upload 4 pages that month, you’d only spend 20$, but since there was a problem this time, you would’ve spent 40$ and who knows what else from pledges to other creators.

Anyway, seems Patreon are refunding people, and I doubt that will happen again.

I guess I just want to say: Feel free to pledge any amount you want and feel free to modifiy or remove that pledge at any point. No hard feelings on my part when people are having some tough economic times, or grow tired of my slow update schedule.