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Just thinking about murdering people doesn’t make me an asshole, right?

So much for the weekly Monday updates, but sometimes you wanna get a bit more involved with the backgrounds while your leg starts rotting off.

I would be lying if I said the money I receive from your support on Patreon hasn’t motivated me to update more in the past few weeks, but sadly things get in the way.

Not sure if any of you were around at the time, but around Page 21 the comic could’ve ended pretty abruptly because I almost died.I’m still struggling with the consequences of the deep vein thrombosis that permanently damaged my leg.

So, I’m not even 30 years old, but my left leg feels like it’s 90. A wound just spontaneously opening up on my foot a few days ago, oozing pus, surrounded by necrotic tissue. All thanks to chronic venous insufficiency. (I did make a photo of it but I think I’ll spare you the details.)

That’ll teach me to be born with shitty genes!

Anyway, so far it’s not too bad. I might go to the hospital tomorrow, if it gets worse, otherwise I will go next week.
Updates might be a bit intermittent once again. Sorry about that.