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Judging by the last page’s comments, this is page going to make some people happy, others not so much. You win some, you lose some. I can’t let myself get influenced by the comments either way really. The story is pretty much set in stone by now, I got most of it planned out including […]

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Poor Mina. In other news: Apparently touchscreen support was added so you can swipe left and right to navigate the comics. Now, I can’t verify those claims since I don’t actually have a device with a touchscreen, anyone mind trying it for me? Edit: And touchscreen support was removed because it was causing problems for […]

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So uh, this is the longest time I ever spent on a single page. I mean, most of the time I wasn’t doing anything at all, thanks to carpal tunnel syndrome, but it still took the longest out of all of them. I blame perspective, also that cat, but mostly perspective. Updates will still be […]

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Fuck you carpal tunnel syndrome, I’ll draw when I feel like it and there’s nothing you can do to stop m-argh ow ow. This page is the first time I’m trying out Manga Studio 5, I’m really liking it a lot so far. I could never get into Manga Studio before because of the interface, […]

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I’m just going to leave this here… Update: I’m sorry but there will be no new page this week due to the heat! This shitty heatwave actually damaged the tablet-pc I’m drawing with, so I’m letting it rest until the weather is more reasonable.

Page 73


“I’m going to do lot’s of perspective-y shit on this page!” – Me, roughly a week ago. God I hate that guy. As you may know, I’ve switched to digital art at the start of chapter two, using Paint Tool SAI at first, and Manga Studio 5 from page 61 on. The first attempts were […]

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Now stop worrying already, geez! A few things that happened while drawing this page: I caught a nasty flu virus. While inking my skin suddenly felt like it was burning and turned red. Trying to take a cold shower, the pipes were backed up and nasty toilet-water was in the bathtub. It’s almost like some […]

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Erin… So I had a bit of a rough start to 2014 so far. First: Everyone contracts a mystery disease at the new year’s eve get-together. My immune system kept it down though. Then: Heating broke, the whole house was cold for two days. -> Immune system compromised enough so that super flu could take […]

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The first Patreon funded page is all about Mina awkwardly eating a pizza! I guess AHS is a comic about Mina being a bit awkward in general… Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I definitely need to work on getting better at that. Now, having more time is nice, but I also work really […]