Page 73


“I’m going to do lot’s of perspective-y shit on this page!” – Me, roughly a week ago.

God I hate that guy.

As you may know, I’ve switched to digital art at the start of chapter two, using Paint Tool SAI at first, and Manga Studio 5 from page 61 on.

The first attempts were a bit awkward, but I slowly improved. What didn’t improve however, was speed. I actually considered going back to pen and paper for that reason, but then Manga Studio 5 came along.

In Paint Tool SAI, simple things like panels and drawing straight lines were a pain in the ass. Even more difficult: Perspective. This page was the last one I did with SAI and getting the perspective right drove me insane. I actually used a Sketchup 3d model of a train station, but it was still horribly inefficient. That page probably took me the longest out of all the pages I did so far. I didn’t have those kinds of problems on paper, with my trusty ruler.

Now we have this page right here, done in Manga Studio 5 with the help of some perspective rulers.
Oh my god, so much easier! So much more… reasonable! It baffles me how I haven’t seen something like this in other programs yet.

Anyway, here’s what my workspace actually looks like:

Aaaa what is going on?

Aaaa what is going on?

Looks confusing, but that’s just me showing every perspective ruler and every layer at once. Usually you only work with one ruler active at a time.

I can’t recommend this program enough, not only to comic artists.
Did I mention MS5’s painting capabilities? Those also handily put almost every other program out there to shame, probably only second to Corel Painter… so there.