Page 74


Now stop worrying already, geez!

A few things that happened while drawing this page:

  • I caught a nasty flu virus.
  • While inking my skin suddenly felt like it was burning and turned red.
  • Trying to take a cold shower, the pipes were backed up and nasty toilet-water was in the bathtub.

It’s almost like some higher power didn’t want me to finish this page or something.

I figured out what that burning sensation was though.

I am a bit of a newbie when it comes to allergies, since I never knew I had one. But it turns out I am allergic to something in that vitamin B-Complex a reader had suggested for my carpal tunnel syndrome.
What’s strange is that I already took about 120 capsules of that stuff without experiencing any of those effects. I’m on my second package now and either some ingredients changed (nothing about that on the packaging though) or I developed a spontaneous allergy?
This sucks mostly because this vitamin B stuff was actually helping.