Getting the word out

Time to buy some Project Wonderful ads I guess, say hi if you came here from one of those!

I’ve been rather apprehensive about advertising my comic in any way for the most part, because I’m always worrying about something.

One worry: “Can I actually update the comic regularly in the near future?”
Most of the time the answer to that would’ve been: “Uhhh I dunno, something might come up and also I could fall over dead at any time, I think the readers would be pretty disappointed if that happened, so let’s not!”
To that end I’ve been working on ways to get people updated on the comic without them having to check the site all the time.

You can now follow me on Twitter and get a tweet whenever a new page is done, you can like the new Facebook page and get updates over there and you can even get updates by email if you don’t like rss readers. Also I got a DeviantART now I guess…

Right now these pages probably seem just like mirrors of this one, but I do plan on putting sketches, some promotional art and other things on there in the future, so make sure to follow them!