Yuri Christmas!


Happy Holidays, etc. So here’s my Christmas gift for you! I actually spent so much time for this, I didn’t get presents for anyone else. Friends and family? – Sorry, I got nothing, but maybe you’d like some yuri? Obviously this is not quite canon. Mina is unsure if this really is what you’re supposed […]

AHS Banner 2


Umm… So, I started working on this picture when I created my Patreon page a few months ago, to serve as the banner for it… and I finally managed to finish it… I only worked on it here and there, but I definitely did get carried away with it a bit, adding a more complex […]

Swimsuit Babes


Trying to get back into drawing by doodling some girls in my favorite kind of clothing… Just to warm up so I don’t potato too hard when I get back to drawing actual comic pages. In terms of my health situation: My right shoulder is definitely getting better, but I also hurt my left shoulder […]

A sign of life.


I drew this in the hospital while it was still quite a bit warmer outside… Anyway, here’s a bit of an update for people who want to know. This has been the worst year of my life, which had previously been the year before, and so on. Things just aren’t ever getting better for me, […]